This work aimed to identify insect pest of Ximenia americana an important native oil tree. We focused on the identification of insect pests of fruits ripe and fruit kernels of Ximenia americana. X. Americana fruits were sampled in two localities; Gampela and Yagma near to Ouagadougou the capital city of Burkina Faso. The adult insects associated with Ximenia trees in the field are sampled using a trap device. The fruits collected are checked in the laboratory for insects’ attacks and the fruits are kept in laboratory conditions until the emergence of adults. Two rounds of collections are used to assess insects attacks on Ximenia fruits and to identify the insects involved in these attacks.
Two species of flies namely Ceratitis quinaria (BEZZI) et C. silvestrii (BEZZI) have been identified as the main pest of Ximenia americana fruits and larvae of the Lepidoptera genera have been found to attack fruits kernels. The infestation rate varied between 32.6% and 64.8% for Ceratitis respectively in the localities Gampela and Yagma. The infestation of Ximenia fruits kernels by larvae of the Lepidoptera genera was estimated to 31.1% and 52.6% respectively in Gampela and Yagma.  Further investigations are need to understand the difference in the fruits attack rate between sites. In addition, parasitoids of the genus Diachasmimorpha were identified; the potential of these insects for biological control of Ximenia should be investigated.



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