WP2: Local knowledge

Overall objective

TheĀ  objective is to identify new native oils and to improve the quality of oil as well as the level of exploitation of existing oils. This will be the basis for improved oil production usingĀ  local knowledge. Quantitative ethno-botanical interviews and market surveys are conducted by researchers and three PhD students in order to uncover the full extent of existing knowledge of oil production. This work package (WP) will provide important input for WP1 and WP5.

Specific objectives

2.1 To gather information on the local knowledge of past and present oil products
2.2 To gain an overview on traditional knowledge of oils and their uses.


works to improve sustainable use of local tree species for fair-trade production of oils for food and cosmetics in Mali and Burkina Faso through a collaboration between researchers, private industries and local communities.

Financed by Danida.