WP3: Oil composition

Overall objective

The objective is to identify the oil composition of native tree species that are potentially economically and nutritionally important. Numerous oil containing species are underexploited or completely unexploited in Burkina Faso and Mali. Only a few of these oils have proven industrial importance in the form of , among other things, shea butter, which is widely used in the food and cosmetics. At least 25  tree  species are  expected  to contain useful oils and their nutritional and industrial value represents an excellent opportunity for development. Once the oil producing species are identified, efforts will be made to develop a local set-up to create  value-added products in order to generate increased income for local communities.
Specific objectives

3.1 To examine the phytochemical content in oils
3.2 To form an overview of the phytochemical composition and content in oil trees
3.3 To initiate exploitation of the selected phyto-chemical compounds


works to improve sustainable use of local tree species for fair-trade production of oils for food and cosmetics in Mali and Burkina Faso through a collaboration between researchers, private industries and local communities.

Financed by Danida.