WP5: Sustainable management

Overall objective

The aim is to implement the sustainable management of oil producing native trees using practical and low cost techniques.  Additionally, native trees will be bred as an important step towards efficient domestication of oil trees in local communities. The practical steps will include experiments assessing the quality of seeds, analysing techniques promoting optimal germination and growth rates and increasing the adaptability of saplings in plantations. Practical steps towards sustainable management will be taken in collaboration with local structures.

Specific objectives

5.1 To create and distribute technical brochures for growers and producers
5.2 To effectively manage projects and improve production
5.3 To improveme the role women play in income generation


works to improve sustainable use of local tree species for fair-trade production of oils for food and cosmetics in Mali and Burkina Faso through a collaboration between researchers, private industries and local communities.

Financed by Danida.